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The philosophy


Doing laundry can definitely feel like a daunting, boring never ending task.  Nevertheless, it's got to be done because there's nothing quite as repulsive as wearing stinky clothes. This is basic hygiene.  However at Fabriscent, we think your fabrics deserve better than basic, and you deserve better than boring. Fabrics are on us (literally on our bodies) and around us all the time and this is why we feel that a little fabric scent boost goes a long way. Fabriscent will elevate this basic boring routine into a bougie beauty routine with its selection of fun and luxurious scents.  

Ingredients & Sourcing 

We are always looking for the best in the most natural and sustainable way. We have also tried many different providers to make sure we get the best quality ingredients, we study the safety and IFRA documents for fragrances, we quality test the products and use it ourselves before making it available to the public.  Fragrance can be an irritant for certain people with sensitive skin that is why we pay close attention to the quality of the fragrances used when creating our products. 

Method & Fomulas 

We make our products in small batch in order to deliver the freshest products possible. Our formula has been verified by two different Chemical Engineers, PhD (always good to get a second opinion) to ensure safety and quality.