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Natural in-wash scent boosters

Wear clothes that make you smell clean and fresh.

Extend your Beauty Routine to the Laundry Room

Elevate this basic boring routine that is laundry into a bougie beauty routine with our unique selection of fun and luxurious scents.

Make laundry fun

Extend your beauty routine to the laundry room . With our unique collection of luxurious and fun scents you will be excited to wear your clothes and run your next load of laundry.

Weeks of Freshness

No Waxy Spots

Keeps Odors Away

Don't Take Our Words For It

OMG ! My kids love this product so much . I don't know how im ever going to get them to help with laundry again without this. All their clothes come out smelling like grape candies, they really love it and they get excited about helping out with laundry which is great.

This makes my clothes smell so good. Actually my whole place now smells so good thanks to this . I put it on all my sheets, towels and even with my ruggable carpet. The scent is nothing like the other commercial brands of scent booster. This smells much more sophisticated.

Just tried this grape candy scent in my laundry and it smells amazing!!
It has this exciting and original smell and it is not too sweet, just perfectly balanced. My clothes and bedding now smells fresh and clean! I highly recommend it

I used two scoops as they mention in the instructions and wow it came out of the washer smelling amazing ! It was a bit too strong to my liking but I just put a bit less powder in the next loads (which is great since it will last me longer) . The scent is amazing, it has exceeded all my expectations. It’s fresh ,yet a bit floral and green.

I use only one scoop so it lasts me longer and smells amazing.

OK the smell is unreal and it stays on your clothes for a long time. I always loved the smell of coconut and was happy to finally stumble on a laundry product with this scent !

From Wash Until Wear

You will be excited to wear your clothes and wash them after wearing them to keep that amazing scent going .

Slow Fizzy Reaction

Slow fizzy reaction when in contact with water to better slather the scent all around your fabrics.

Unique Scents

Scents you've probably never imagined putting in your washing machine before and that are sure to have you sniffing your clothes all day long.