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6 tips for getting the most of Fabriscent's scent boosters

Posted by Genevieve Nantel on
6 tips for getting the most of Fabriscent's scent boosters

We have tested all combinations of washing and drying machine settings and adjusted our product accordingly to make sure that scent is present no matter what. Whether it be warm sheets and towels coming out of the dryer that were washed in extra hot water to remove all the grease from your beauty routine or if it were your delicate blouses washed in cold water and air dried … we made sure that scent would be present. 

It is a tricky process to add in-wash scent to your laundry in a safe and effective way. Why is that ? : 

  • The fragrance will just be washed away if too little is used which is literally money down the drain
  • The molecules will be destroyed if the product used is not heat resistant enough. This will make the scent unrecognizable and can make it very dangerous for fire 
  •  Nasty chemicals are used to overcome the above

It took a lot of testing, contracts with different chemical engineers, research, trial and error to overcome those challenges in the most natural and eco-friendly way. 

During that process we discovered a few tricks that will give you better results ( for your clothes and for the scent) : 

 Use scent free laundry products ✨
You can use scented ones (detergent, fabric softener , drying sheets etc ) but you may end up with a funky combination of smells. 
✨ Use within 6 months for best results ✨
Most of the ingredients have a long shelf life, but the fragrance and citric acid start to lose its potency over time. No need to throw if after 6 months, but just keep in mind that it might not be as strong. 
 Try to disperse the powder ✨
Disperse the powder as much as possible on the clothes inside the washing machine rather than placing it all in one spot. This will make sure that the scent comes in contact with all parts of your fabric ! 
✨ Air dry your clothes when possible ✨
Our products have a high flashpoint and are designed to survive temperatures higher than the ones of standard drying machines. So don't worry , we also love a fresh load of warm towels coming out of the dryer on a cold day. However, it's always best to skip this step when you can as the mechanical agitation, forced air and heat can cause some damage to your fabrics. 
✨ Store in a cool and dry place ✨
Moisture can activate the product prematurely and make it loose its potency.
Don't leave your clothes sit around when wet ✨
Don't leave wet clothes in the washing machine for too long, the longer it is there the more the scent will fade as the growth of bacteria and mold start to occur. Whirlpool Institute of Fabric Science’s lead home economist, Lucinda Ottusch, says after 8-12 hours, signs of mildew begins to occur.  

If you still don't notice any scent please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. 

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