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The kind of scents that make you wonder what is that person wearing?

Posted by Genevieve Nantel on
The kind of scents that make you wonder what is that person wearing?

Ever walked passed someone or hugged someone and got a whiff of their scent and wondered "Wow what is that person wearing ? " Or maybe you are that person and people stop to compliment your smell. Either way, it is no secret that smelling good goes beyond a good perfume. 

To achieve this level of scent, we strongly believe in the power of layering your scents (on top of a good hygiene of course) . However, there are two categories of whiffs: 

- The first one is “your PERUME smells good" which is usually not the level we want since that is most likely that the person put way too much perfume.  When you actually get closer, the underarms may stink and the clothes may smell bad. Perfume to hide the lower layer smells (1 and 2 see below) is not the key.
- The second one is "Wow you smell good" which can also be translated to "Wow you smell good and I can't figure out what it is". This is the level we strive for. 

We layered down the essentials for you to become this mysteriously pleasant whiff generator. 

 Layer 1 :  Good hygiene 

If you are reading this post you probably know this one already. Of course good hygiene is the most important of them all, not only because of good scent but because good hygiene is key to reduce risk of infections and also enhance your overall health. However, there are a few things you can do in your hygiene habits that will elevate your scent: 

Shower regularly 

Even if it is just for a minute, jump in the shower at least once a day to remove all the grime and the sweat. We recommend taking it in the morning since during the night most people do sweat a bit (some a lot). We love using a lightly scented body wash for a subtle, fresh scent. For your hair , we love adding a bit stronger scented products since there are not that many other layers that go on top of your hair. We love taking a shampoo and conditionner with strong matching scents. Don't worry about washing your hair everyday as it may damage it.  Unless it is obviously dirty and greasy don't feel bad about skipping a day or two. Dry shampoo or simply baby powder can do wonders for this. However this brings us to our next point. 

Don't abuse of dry shampoo 

 The goal of dry shampoo is not to remove the grease from your hair, it's to make it look less oily. So really, you are just coating that grease with an extra layer of product. If you leave it for too long it will build up and can clog the pores in your scalp and this can lead to smelly scalp and hair. 
Know how your body reacts to different deodorants, pick one and work with it
At some point in your life you probably tried a new deodorant and realized later during the day that your arm pits smelled bad. If that is ever the case, make sure to wash up your underarms before reapplying (could just be a passing a wet wipe there if you are out). Once the sweat is out, specially if your have hairy armpits applying another layer of deodorant on top of the sweat will just create a nasty cocktail of smells.  There are many deodorants out there and sometimes finding one that works well for you can be a lot of trial and error. 

Taste your mouth

The most common reasons for a bad taste in your mouth have to do with dental hygiene. Not flossing and brushing regularly can cause gingivitis, which can cause a bad taste in your mouth and this results in bad smell for you and people around you. In an ideal world we would brush our teeth and floss in the morning, at night and after every meal. If you are doing this , I salute you , you are doing great. For most people, you brush your teeth in the morning, at night and you floss whenever you remember or when you obviously have lots of things stuck between your teeth. The later is really the minimum you should be doing in terms of good hygiene, which is ok but we found that it is really important to take the time to notice how your mouth is feeling, tasting... and smelling.  Sometimes you may have had poor digestion during the night and you end up with this coat on your tongue when you wake up, or you just ate something very strong . Whatever it is take a moment and realize what is going on in there. Maybe it's time to book an appointment with your dentist, maybe this morning you should use a tongue scraper and a mouth wash.  We love using a strong mouthwash to kill bacteria and then a minty flavoured toothpaste to wash up and leave a pleasant smell.  

Your nails 

Dirt, food, dried up curry from your cooking feast from the previous evening. So many things  get stuck under your nails, specially if you like to have them long.  This accumulation of junk creates a nice stinky cocktail of bacteria. No need to scrub like a surgeon every time you wash your hands but at least try to notice your under-nails and keep them clean.

Extras that make a difference

Body lotion, we love a good subtle scented body lotion to help retain the moisture and make our skin smell amazing (we don't recommend too much fragrance directly on the face though ) .

Layer 2 :  Good smelling clothes

Most people in this world are wearing clothes or have some sort of fabric on them 99% of the time. Clothes are like people's second skin. It protects you, and keeps you warm. It is also a skin that you can choose and be creative with in order to express yourself.  Great smelling clothes is an amazing way to enhance this, we love matching our smell to our clothes and our mood. So how do you get the best scent in your fabrics ? 

Of course the most important thing is that your clothes are clean. Some clothes you can go without washing after wearing it once but for most of your clothes it is recommended that you wash them after every use.  Just keep in mind that as you go about your day, secretions, sweat, bacteria from your skin and from the world are all accumulating on your clothes and start producing odours. Please don't just add perfume or laundry spray on top of dirty clothes... people do notice the underlying smell. You probably encountered at school or at the gym some guys (or girls) who will reuse dirty gym clothes and just spritz body spray all over them. If you can avoid this, please do. 

Now that we are clear on the clean part, this is where Fabriscent comes in ! While your clothes are being washed, Fabriscent's powder slowly dissolves and envelops your fabrics with its fragrance. This will leave your clothes clean and smelling amazing. 

 Layer 3 : Perfume

Be careful with this step ! Too much perfume will automatically put you in the first category , making people smell only a strong perfume which many may think you are trying to hide the lower layer smells. If you are not sure how much to spray start with the pulse points ( the neck, behind the ears and on your wrists) and see how it holds throughout the day. Each perfume is different on each person so it may take a few trials before you hit the sweet spot. 

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